Insurance for Parents & Guardians

The loss of a loved one is enough for anyone to cope with without the added burden of financial difficulties too. Life cover can help make sure those left behind don’t lose the stability and familiarity of daily life. All the things that could make loss easier to bear. To make sure it can continue, the right insurance for you needs to make a unique, highly detailed measurement of your outgoings. And that’s exactly what we do.

Doesn’t everyone want to know that if anything happens to them, their loved ones will be cared for?

Insurance for Parents & Guardians features:

  • Should one parent die, the other is entitled to a sum of money.
  • Should both parents die, your appointed guardians are entitled to a sum of money for the benefit of your children.

Insurance for Parents & Guardians benefits:

  • The remaining parent is able to manage the costs of looking after a child alone.
  • The remaining parent is able to keep living in the same house, ensuring the child has stability.
  • Peace-of-mind knowing that, if you’re the ‘bread-winner’, your family’s lifestyle will be protected.
  • If both parents were to die you are able to provide financial provisions for appointed guardians.