Executive Income Protection

Money worries do nothing to help recuperation from an illness, injury or accident that prevents you from working. We’d prefer you to recover with at least one weight lifted from your mind.

This protection lets business owners enjoy the advantages of an extended sick pay arrangement. We think it’s the best type of insurance you can get to help you back on your feet.

*Payment Protection Insurance is optional. There are other providers of Payment Protection Insurance and other products designed to protect you against loss of income.

Executive Income Protection features:

  • Gives you the ability to insure up to 80% of your remuneration, along with cover for pension.
  • Contributions (if applicable) and national insurance.
  • Covers the cost of monthly bills such as mortgage, rent, council tax, food etc.
  • Helps with petrol and car park costs.

Executive Income Protection benefits:

  • Protects against loss of earnings by paying a monthly benefit to your business, which can be passed on to the employee in question so they can meet their financial commitments without having to rely solely on state benefits.
  • The employee is able to take the time sufficient time off, without rushing back to work before a full recovery.